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Single Vision Lens
All our glasses include standard single vision lens. This can be for either distance or reading.

Bifocal Lens
These offer the convenience of having distance and reading  correction all on one lens. The upper portion is for distance vision and the lower segmented portion for reading.

Varifocal Lens
These lenses are very similar to a bifocal lens, however they do not have visible dividing line. Instead it has graduated vision from distance to reading, also incorporating a VDU prescription. These lenses have the benefit of looking better  as they don't draw attention to the ageing process.

High Index Lens
These lens types are used to make lenses thinner and lighter improving the cosmetic appearance.

They offer the benefits of making the lenses more durable, improving the cosmetic appearance and vision quality.

Lenses can be tinted to various colours and depth providing protection against harmful UV rays. We can tint prescription and non prescription lenses.